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Within our own sectors we are leading advocates for policy change and a greater focus on the need for a more responsible and social change focused industry. Our advocacy is focused within communities, political leaderships and institutions, and the sports industry through governing bodies, sponsors and governments.

All of the organisations involved are global experts within their fields and have been setting agendas for a long time.


The Sport and Social Change Alliance organisations are involved in developing multiple activities within their sectors that have been proven to create change and social value. These activities include projects delivered directly within communities, to target audiences, with governments and brands, and joint work with sports governing bodies.

All of the SSCA organisations have accomplished project management skills and are skilled in programme design and delivery.


As experts in our fields we are available to consult on policy development, strategic focus and project design and delivery. Our individual and accumulated knowledge is first and foremost a unique asset that can be used to benefit all of those involved in the industry.

All of the Founding Organisations have experience of working with multiple stakeholder groups to deliver meaningful impact in line with their aims.


The Founding Organisations are tuned into the most recent scientific developments within their areas of expertise, and have been involved in gathering data to accumulate bodies of research which help to develop programmes, inform on policies, adapt practices, and so on.

All of the Founding Organisations have worked independently, or in partnership with research institutions and academic bodies, to contribute to sound scientific methodologies.


The Founding Organisations serve the function of supporting each other and realising the value of close working relationships. The SSCA aims to preserve and enhance extensive sport and social change networks directly by providing resources and promoting activities to organisations working in this field.

All of the Founding Organisations have an extensive network of affiliated members and/or informal networks of like-minded organisations.


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