CAFE Football


‘Total Access’ is our focus, harnessing the power of sport to act as a catalyst for disability-inclusive change in wider society. Our approach is to remove existing barriers to ensure disabled people, the largest minority group in the world, can take their rightful places across sport and society, we work with sports organisations to ensure disabled spectators can find information, purchase tickets and enjoy live  matches among fellow supporters in an accessible environment.

We provide training, guidance and exchange opportunities to ensure sport organisations and their staff are equipped with the expertise to improve access and inclusion for disabled stakeholders, including disability-inclusive stewarding, HR protocols, and matchday operations.

Working with disabled spectators and employees, we provide platforms for user-led feedback leading to targeted and appropriate action from sport entities. We aim to see more disabled supporter and employee resource groups leading the way.

From smaller clubs through to national and international bodies, we support stakeholders to putting access, opportunity and experience for every single disabled person at the heart of their work. Our support assists organisations to meet their commitments to a number of UN Sustainable Development Goals, from reducing inequalities to ensuring decent work and economic growth.